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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hi! I'm Kimber Rice. I keep busy raising, teaching and encouraging my two children.  As a Mother, I now wash and dress 3 people for the day...instead of one. If I can at least appear put together on my way out the door, I'm pleased! I don't have loads of time (or money!) to maintain a closet complete with only the latest in fashion. So... although fashion is an interest,  it's not a priority. The concept of "having style" is what tickles my fancy and makes putting together an outfit together, fun.  The way I look at it, fashion is a collection of current trends, and style is a personal interpretation, not only of fashion, but of anything that inspires you. That's why I enjoy this blog so much. It's fun to see other Mommies share the way they consider fashion & function, and create their style!
Lately, I've been exploring prints and patterns (totally out of my comfort zone!)

I have the most fun with, bags, scarves...and I design lots of my own jewelry!  I love incorporating my style & creativity into each piece. ;)

dress: DownEast Basics
cardigan: Target
belt & necklace: Romy
boots: MIA
earrings & bracelets: handmade by me

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6 Responses to “Kimber”

  1. Love the haircut! It is super cute!!

  2. Very cute outfit and love the jewelry!!

  3. My cousin is beautiful! She's always had great style and glad she got to share it with others :)

  4. You have fantastic style!! And it is varied, which is daring and fun! You're an amazing person, inside and out! =]