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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hey! My name is Anna and I am a photographer, blogger and Mom to one adorable 2 year old.  I blog over at  I wouldn't call myself a total fashionista, but like many of these beautiful ladies have said, if I feel "cute" my day goes a lot better.  I have always had a theory that if you only own cute clothing, you will always feel cute.  Instead of ugly old jeans, I always try to find jeans that I feel are "cute."  Instead of regular big ol t-shirts for a comfy day, I try to wear a regular cute t-shirt (like those Old Navy ones that are always on sale).  Then even on comfy days you can still be cute.  Anyway, one of the biggest things I have learned about fashion is that it is layers and accessories.  This shirt by itself looked like a giant tent and I could probably wear it at 11 months pregnant :) But, add a belt and instantly it gives me a waist, hides my rolls, and changes the whole look of the outfit.  The belt not only defines the shirt, but it adds another element of "I tried" with out actually trying too hard.  Also, because this shirt is so loose on top, the skinny jeans compliment it nicely.  I did have to roll the jeans up some to show off my shoes, but that's a short girl problem.  Thanks again to Stylin' Mommies for the guest post!

Shirt: Zulily $19.99 I believe
Skinny Black Jeans: Ross $13
Belt: From a different shirt that’s like 5 years old, I think from Bu Ya Ka
Bracelets: Gift
Shoes: Target Clearance $8ish 


Attention all Stylin' Mommies! ! !

Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's Friday! Woohoo! Ok I am in love with leggings. It is such an easy outfit and so COMFORTABLE!!! Best part is that leggings are so inexpensive. This outfit is also great for an expecting mommy. I love cute babydoll tops that can be worn through any stage of life. Expecting, post pregnancy and after.  (I'm not pregnant.:)

Attention all you Stylin Mommies!!! I am looking for more of you to post about. Please email me at to submit pictures and a short bio telling us a little about yourself and trends you're liking right now. I would love to hear from you and you can help motivate others.
I hope you have a great weekend! Thanks for following everyone!!

So my husband wanted me to put that goofy picture in the middle....just me bein' a spaz.

Shirt (similar), leggings and necklace: f21
Shoes: Forever Young
Bracelet: Gift
Sun glasses: Vans


Dressin' Up

Monday, April 22, 2013

Ok, I have some explaining to do....We are in the process of moving so sorry my posts have been a little non existent. I will hopefully be able to do more now. Moving with multiple kids is so much harder than I thought! It is crazy how much stuff you can accumulate in such a short amount of time. Anyway, here we go with more posts. I'm so sorry if I have not gotten back to emails. Hopefully I can get on the ball now!!:)

Shirt: F21
Skirt: Downeast (similar)
Earrings: (old)
Shoes: Windsorestore


Friday Look

Friday, April 12, 2013

Today is my casual Friday look. Well, I think most of my looks could probably be in that category but when you're a mom it's kinda hard to do anything else.:) I recently just got these cute shoes from Skechers. They are from a Skechers program called BOBS.  BOBS donates a new pair of shoes to a child in need with every purchase. When I was looking through the cute shoes from the BOBS line I couldn't believe the great selection! These shoes are so comfortable and unique and that's why I love them!  You definitely should take the time to check them out!

Well I hope you have a great weekend and don't forget to see who won the Shabby Apple Giveaway!  If you are the winner Shabby Apple will contact you via email.

Shirt: Pac Sun
Jeans: AE
Jacket: Forever 21(similar)
Shoes: c/o Sketchers


Shabby Apple Giveaway!!

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Today I am so excited for a great giveaway with Shabby Apple. One lucky winner will win a $50 Shabby Apple gift card.  I love all their cute vintage dresses and here are some of my faves! I just love their vintage/retro style! There are just so many cute dresses to choose from. So make sure you enter and hopefully win this great giveaway!!  Use the RaffleCopter form at the bottom of this post to enter.  Giveaway ends this Thursday (4/11) at midnight.  Winner will be announced on Friday.  Good luck!!



Thursday, April 04, 2013

Hello girls! I am Kendall from TheHintonHaven and I am SO excited to be sharing this post on here! I have been married to my sweet husband for 3 years and we have two very precious little ones, Pax who is 2 and Story who is 9 months old. My husband and I met in Louisville KY while he was attending seminary and thankfully he was able to graduate this past May with his Masters! This year has brought us a lot of firsts: We moved from KY to Indy where he has taken a position as a head pastor at a cute little church! Although I was born here, this is my first time living here since my senior year of high school...and much has changed. We have been spending these past few months trying to get settled and in the process, have grown closer as a family. Talk about thankfulness!

When I was asked to do this blog I freaked out a see, I swore I would never be the mom who showered twice a week, who wore jammies all day long with her hair pulled up and no make up on and who would most definitely never forget to wear her bra when she left the house. Well then I had kids and became everything I promised I would never be (Including the woman who went to the grocery...with her bra at home...I will never be able to shop at that Kroger again). I stopped judging other women who looked like a hot mess with frazzled hair, sweatpants, and shoes that didn't match. With all of that being said, I chuckled at the idea of posting on such an amazing blog as this! I might still wear my jammies on those cold, snowy days and yes...showers might not happen on a daily basis but thankfully I have come to understand that getting myself put together does help me feel better on those long days when my son poops in the tub, Story starts teething, my husband almost catches our kitchen on fire and a pink sock gets mixed with a white load of laundry.

After I had my daughter I realized I needed help...a lot of help. We were on a tight budget and I was needing new clothes that fit my "after baby body" while not breaking the bank. With the help of my Mom and sister we did our own version of What Not To Wear in the middle of Old Navy. My sister is an artist and introduced me to a world of color that I had rejected for most of my mommyhood. It freaked me out to be honest. But, after 2 hours in the dressing room we came up with some very cute, super affordable basic pieces that I could mix and match together. I wear these pieces frequently and what is great is  I can make so many different outfits with them! Ladies, denim shirts are popular for a reason...they go with everything! Also, allow me to introduce you to my green pants. These bad boys will put an extra hop in your step. They make you feel the same way as when you have a pretty little undergarment on and no one knows but feel spunky, you have a secret that no one knows and it makes you smile. The good thing about colored pants is that it brightens you up! You see, the day I took these photos was the first day of Spring...and it was a high of 27 degrees...a perfect day for bright colors! It stinks that warm weather is still so far away but by putting on something so colorful, you can't help but feel cheerful!

It has been so much fun doing this post and has encouraged me to have more "green jean" kind of days. I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed week and I would love to hear from you at TheHintonHaven.

Scarf: Old Navy
Shirt with Stars: Old Navy
Denim Shirt: Old Navy
Green Jeans: Old Navy
Bracelets: Target
Jean Jacket: Aeropostale...from high school... embarrassing!


On the Go Mom

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

My name is Heather and I am a 27 year old "On The Go Mom." Don't get that confused with SAHM! I definitely work outside as well as inside the house entertaining kiddos and doing my best to keep the house in order. I also write a little blog called When The Kids Are Bored. It's all about keeping mamas sane and the kids busy with educational and fun activities.

In May of 2006 I married my high school sweet heart at the ripe young age of 20. Seven months later I graduated from The University of Tennessee planning to continue my education and teach English Literature to college students. That all changed when we decided to start a family. I knew I wanted to stay home with our children as long as possible.

After my first child was born my style took an ugly turn. I found myself in the mommydoms. You know that place where you get way too comfortable wearing yoga pants every day and you don’t leave the house because that would require putting on make-up. I had worn stretchy maternity pants for seven months of my pregnancy! How could I go back to jeans? And this was just the time that skinny jeans became popular. Not a great time for a new mama. Looking back I know it was a confidence thing. I had weight to lose from the pregnancy, my old clothes didn't fit great and the thought of “skinny jeans” was terrifying at this time. I allowed myself to get out of touch with a part of myself that used to be very important to me, my personal style.

It took me a little while to figure out what my style was again. Losing the baby weight definitely helped but I had another hurdle to cross. “What do I wear now that I’m a mom?” I constantly asked myself this question while I tried things on. For some reason I got the idea in my head that there were rules as to what was appropriate for a mother to wear. I felt silly trying to keep up with what seemed like a younger woman’s world. Luckily, I got over that quickly.

Today, I've got my groove back and my style has become eclectic. I love wearing vintage jewelry and feminine ballet flats but you can also find me in a pair of ripped jeans and sporting a “Labyrinth” t-shirt. I love my style. I think I look better now than I did in college!

My shopping philosophy: Wear what you love and love what you wear and try not to break the bank!

Shirt: Forever 21
Jeans: Express
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman
Earrings: Gifted
Watch: Anne Klein
ID Bracelet: My grandmother’s


Eshakti #2

Monday, April 01, 2013

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you had a great day yesterday with your family. It is such a great day to  celebrate! Today I am posting about one of my favorite places to get cute dresses. This is the second dress I have received from Eshakti and I have been so impressed with the service and quality both times. You can view the last dress I got here. This is from their new Spring line collection. It is a perfect dress for Spring. You can't go wrong with a little lace and pockets! Yes I said pockets.... Who wouldn't want them in a dress?

Dress: c/o Eshakti
Belt: H&M
Shoes: F21
Bracelet : c/o Ily Couture, F21