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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hello there lovely stylish Mamas. My name is Roxanne and I am a preschool teaching, running, coffee consuming, wife to a sweet hard working man, and mama to a loud, energetic, precious little lady. I have a little blog called the Good Life where I write about being a mommy, preschool teacher, and all the other random things going on up in my scatterbrained head. I know I am like a lot of newish moms out there who feel like they lost a little bit of their style along the way but I decided I would not go down without a fight and with a little help from Pinterest I have developed what I like to call prek-mama-chic. I am a teacher at a small Catholic school and a mommy to an extremely busy little lady, but i am not letting marker stained hands and a little dried crusty snot on my sleeves get in the way of looking cute and feeling good about myself when I walk out the door each day.

Comfort and the ability to move around are the number one qualification for any outfit I decide to throw on in the morning. My style usually consists of a lot of layering and well placed accessories to change things up especially when I feel like I am in a style rut. I am what you might call a dress-a-holic I love how versatile 1 simple black dress can be and according to my sweet husband I own 5 too many LBD's. Dress it up, dress it down, throw on a chunky beaded necklace and I can go from classroom bug catcher to meeting my husband for dinner. My favorite go to school look is a cute dress with a sweater or jacket over it, tights, and boots. I also love how I can use those same boots and jacket with a flowy top and black skinny pants for a completely different look the next day.

My shopping philosophy is "If I can't get it for under $10 I didn't really need it anyways." I am not much of a shopper and with a limited teacher salary I try to do most of my shopping at consignment shops, goodwill, and sale racks. I think bargain hunting makes shopping more of an adventure and I like knowing that it doesn't take an arm and a leg to look put together every day.I tend to buy basic neutral pieces so I can mix and match fun accessories like scarves and jewelry to change things up when I feel like I am wearing the same things over and over again. A pop of color can take any outfit from boring to exciting.

Dress: Target
Jacket: Old Navy
Boots: Target
Earrings: Old Navy
Necklace: Sassy Steals
Top: Marshalls
Pants: Walmart
Bracelets: Target and Sassy Steals

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2 Responses to “Roxanne”

  1. Love the boots, cute outfit!

  2. Thanks daer0n! They are extremely comfortable. I wear them to school almost every day and I am basically standing from 7:40 until I leave at 3:20 every day!