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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hi, I’m Rachel from Brachel Boulevard! I’m a twenty-something Mom of two & I’m married to Mr. Right (Mr. Brandon Wright to be exact).  The term "Brachel", our self-proclaimed celebrity couple name, started as a joke but it has come to represent all of the amazing things we have done together as a couple. Over the last four years of marriage we have visited 12 countries, lived abroad once and are about to do it again, this time with our two darling children. Although "Mom" is by far my favorite title, I am also a genealogy buff and travel enthusiast.

One of my biggest fashion philosophies is to buy classic pieces expensive and trendy stuff cheap. Or,a better option, ask for trendy items as gifts (birthday, Christmas...Mother's Day is coming up ladies!) That way I don't feel "wardrobe guilt" after a trend goes out of style after a few years. This philosophy has worked out great for me and kept me within my Mom budget.

When I think of neon I think of vibrant, summer, and fun! Okay, I also think about a John Mayer song, I listened to in High School but thats not important. When the neon fashion trend hit the scene big in 2012 I was a bit hesitant but after I started sporting some bright accessories, I fell in love. The neon waves have completely taken over my Summer wardrobe!

Top: : Gap Sateen Popover
Bottoms: Gap
Sandals: DV by Dolce Vita
Earrings: JCrew Factory

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4 Responses to “Rachel”

  1. I'm not usually a neon person.. but I really like this.. totally something I would wear:)

  2. I love the neon top! :) and your bike is awesome

  3. Fun! Hey, I'm selling lots of my clothes for really cheap prices! We're talking like $5-$10. Check it out and let me know if you'd want anything. Gotta get my closet cleaned out!

  4. Using the pink bike as a prop in the picture - beautiful! I love the bright yellow top also. Mom, food & fashion bloogger.