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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hey everyone!  Here I am in all my 36-week-prego-glory!  Okay, so the gloriousness of being at the end of a pregnancy may be debatable, but there is certainly a lot of me right now.  I am Heather, a wife, a mom of 3 (almost 4), a piano teacher to 23 students, and an Activities Director for over 300 young women, ages 12-18.  Needless to say, my life can prove to be a little busy most of the time.  This little one is going to have to learn to roll with the flow from the time she gets here!  

As far as style goes, I love it, but do not have time to be finicky.  I firmly believe it is just as easy to put on a comfy, yet cute, shirt as it is to put on a frumpy t-shirt.  That being said, don't we all feel better if we feel any degree of cuteness as opposed to frumpy?  So why not trade in those baggy t-shirts for even a tailored t-shirt instead?  I like to wear clothes that have cute colors and prints, and that have cute, flattering cuts.  I also refuse to wear clothes that are super high maintenance.  Dry-clean only and must-be-ironed pieces are generally not an option for me.  Bottom line, I need to wear something that looks nice, but remains practical to get me through my day.  The outfit I put on in the morning must transition me from being mom of an 8, 6, and 4 year old, and baby, to being a working mom who runs her own piano studio, to a mom who attends meetings with various leaders in our community concerning the youth in our area, with little effort in a single day.  I am far from high maintenance, but consider it doing myself a favor to get up and get dressed at the beginning of every day.  When I do this, I feel prepared to take on whatever my day will throw at me with confidence.  

In more "normal" stages of life (a.k.a. when I am not expecting) I love heals.  My 5'2" frame could use all the vertical help it can get!  Heals can dress up any outfit, and adds spunk and personality.  However, days I have more time to simply go on walks, or take my kiddos to the park, I have no problem donning sporty shoes.  As for right now, I am resigned to wearing flats and loving them!

I do love accessorizing!  Taking the time to add earrings and a necklace or scarf can take a simple outfit to a more completed look.  I love finding good deals, and even consigning.  I also openly admit my weakness when it comes to jackets and sandals.  Those are the two items I would have way too many of if I am not careful!  This blog is such a great way to encourage all of us moms to take a couple extra minutes each day to take care of ourselves.  I claim to be just as busy as any other mom, but have learned the value in not neglecting myself.  It is possible to find balance in this area, and not let ourselves go.  We all owe it to ourselves, and to our families to keep our confidence up while still prioritizing our kiddos and spouses.  

Coat: Gift
Scarf: Vanity
Layering T: DownEast
Tank: Maurices
Sweater: Gift
Jeans: Motherhood Maternity (old)
Earrings: Fred Meyer
Necklace: Fred Meyer
Shoes: Fred Meyer clearance ($10 woohoo!)

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9 Responses to “Heather”

  1. oh heather YOU are so darling. and miss your sweet smile. so happy to see you on all your glory!

  2. You totally pull off the cute pregnant look! You go girl! :)

  3. You are one of the cutest pregnant girls EVER! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Adorbs!!!!!
    I love what you said...totally agree!

  5. Super adorable baby bump!

  6. I found your blog via Pinterest and am absolutely loving it!

    My sweet little girl is almost 2, but I feel like I've been such a rut since being pregnant. Looking forward to getting lots of fabulous ideas from you ladies. :)

  7. Okay, I am pregnant and brunette, have the same haircut, own the same shoes, used to own the same tank, and have basically that coat sans the pockets. I guess we're pregnant twins with the same style. This was weird and awesome to come across.

  8. I love how classy your style is, Heather. Congratulations on the baby coming soon!