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Bright pants from Texas!

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

My name is Nicole.  I married a man who makes me want to be better and laugh through life.  I am a mother of 2 beautiful children that bring me tons of stress and joy. Am I qualified to post on this blog? No. But I have an amazing friend who is and asked me to so.  During the pictures, it was more humiliating than my first piano concert (I forgot the entire song).  But after seeing that you look as dumb as you felt - complete humility!  But I will forgo the funny captions of what I was thinking while the camera snapped and just give you the outfit! My Favorite Fashion trends right now, is to show off the legs!:) I love the new prints, bright colors and leather skinny jeans. I really like that it drives attention to the legs so if my hair, make-up and physical flaws are not perfect, who cares because they will be lookin' at the legs!!

Hair: Pinterest - Keiko Lynn Blog
White top: Body Central - love that store!
Blue undershirt: Chimes - store only in TX
Necklace: Body Central
Ring: Body Central
Bracelets: Homemade from Walmart 1$ jewelry clearance tubs
Pants: Wet Seal
Shoes: Target - Mossimo
Extremely good looks from: Kelly and Launette!

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