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Monday, September 10, 2012

So I'm bringing back the vest! There is so much you can pair with a denim vest, jacket or shirt. It's such a great item that you can wear with so many different clothes. It really does go with everything! I know so many of us have old denim jackets that don't fit so well anymore. Cut the sleeves off and make a vest! Look for old items in your closet to bring back.
I hope this blog so far for some of you has given you inspiration to try new things with fashion and to try to get ready and take care of you more....which on some days I know is so pointless... But really it's more for us than anyone. I really have tried to make an effort this past year to get ready every day instead of staying in my sweat pants and it has made a big difference in my attitude, my drive, and my husband loves it!:) It is important to take care of the mommy too.

Shirt: Shade clothing
Vest: Forever 21
Skirt: Target
Necklace: Target
bracelet: Target

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9 Responses to “Vest”

  1. Could you please tell me HOW you fix your hair to get so much volume at the root and crown? My hair is a little shorter that yours, but if I ever fix it straight, it falls flat against my head!

    1. I actually use a teasing comb that I purchased at Sally Beauty Supply. I also love the Bed Head hair spray! It's the best stuff ever. I have had a couple of people ask about that and I will hopefully be doing a hair tutorial soon!

  2. I just adore this outfit and want to find the exact vest and skirt but I can't find them at the Target or Forever21 website! When did you get them?? Thanks! Jess

    1. I got the skirt at the beginning of the summer. Sorry! But the vest I got about a month ago and I just saw it in the store at Forever 21 last week. You might need to call or check in the store closest to you. Hopefully this helps!

  3. What brand is the skirt? I love it!!

  4. Love your outfit:) You are one stylish mommy...