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Monday, November 19, 2012

Hello.  I am Rebecca, a mother of four and the proud "Nana" to four beautiful grandchildren.  I have the exceptional privilege of enjoying dual roles of still parenting one teenager at home while enjoying all the benefits and joy of my grandchildren.  My husband and I own our own business so I have many different hats to wear as well as many different styles to go along with it.  I chose an understated outfit of a sweater and some jewelry that dressed up my jeans a little bit.  I wouldn't qualify my style as fashion forward, but I have helpful advice from my daughters in letting me know what looks good. In fact, my beautiful daughter, Kara, was featured on this blog on September 25th.  I'm most aware of what is comfortable yet flattering.  I am completely convinced that shoes, although they can make an outfit, must always be comfortable.  I'm not willing to sacrifice my comfort for a shoe!  I always feel better about how I look if I truly "feel" good.  I truly believe that anyone, at any age, can look great if they just dress to flatter their own curves and figure.

Sweater: Maurices
Jeans: Big Star
Boots: Born
Under shirt: Cami Bra from Soma (clearance $9.99)
Jewelry: Chicos

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7 Responses to “Rebecca”

  1. You are the hottest Nana I've ever seen!

    1. Thanks, Bitsy. I really appreciate that!

  2. I love the necklaces! They are so cute! And you look way too young to be a grandma!!

  3. Yea! I was hoping us Grandmas (Nanas) would be represented somehow, somewhere in the style world. Rebecca is really cute and very young looking!

    1. Thanks, Roxane! I'm not sure that I belong on a blog with all of these really fashionable young mothers, but it's nice for Jamie to include me to "represent". :)

  4. Rebecca is really cute and very young looking!

  5. You are stunning and I'd never have guessed, a grandmother! Love the jeans!